Market Lavington Museum

More from the scrapbook

For the second day we feature an item from Easterton based Liz Merritt’s scrapbook from the 1930s.  Although this undated report was written in about 1937, it is about events in and around 1900. It concerns a cart, a donkey and a man called Shem Butcher.

Do read the report. The tale of the donkey cart at Clyffe Hall and the local scallywags makes it clear that boys have always been boys although these seemed to have a touch of class in their very annoying way. First let’s see the picture in the article – Shem, the donkey and the cart.

Shem Butcher and his donkey cart at Lavington Station on opening day- 1st October, 1900

Now the headline.

And the article.

Does anyone have a non-newspaper copy of the photo? What a wonderful addition that would make to the Market Lavington Museum collection.