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More from the tollgate removal notebook

We recently looked at the book that explained the collecting of money that paid off the turnpike companies, in the Market Lavington area. We looked at the people who made donations from Market Lavington. Today we are looking at a much smaller list of people who came from Easterton. In truth, Easterton was a part of Market Lavington so probably some of those listed as ‘from Market Lavington’ may have come from Easterton.

People of Easterton who contributed to the removal of the turnpikes in 1825

In Easterton we can see that the collectors were Mr L Grant and James Dowse.

The donations were:

Mr L Grant£10-0-0
Mr William Culley£5-0-0
Mr Samuel Draper£2-0-0
Mr Thomas Grant£5-0-0
Mr W Maynard£1-0-0
Mr Jacob Dowse£2-0-0
Mr John Clelford£1-0-0
Mr John Crook£2-0-0
Mrs Mary Wise£0-5-0
Mr James Sainsbury£2-0-0

The money was collected in 1824/25 and the notebook was compiled by Francis Smith who was the clerk to the council in Market Lavington at the time. The money raised by these Easterton people is equivalent to several thousand pounds at today’s prices.

The whole book has now been copied and an enlarged version is available for inspection at the museum. Donations came from West Lavington, Urchfont,eastcott, Wedhampton,  Devizes, Imber, Chitterne, Tillshead, Shrewton, Seend, Bulkington, Potterne, Worton, Poulshot, Erlestoke, Coulston, Tinhead, Bratton, Great and Little Cheverell.