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More on the location of Maggot’s Castle.

Thanks to Colin Osborn for providing the following text. Pictures remain copyrighted to the museum.

Every other year, the cubs go for an evening hike along, Easterton Sands, with Akela telling old stories from his youth and before.

These include the stories of the 3 graves, the holy man in the cave and Maggot’s Folly, and Maggot’s death in a coach accident.

He points out the site of the house, on the walk.

We drive up past, Parsonage Nursery then turn right, parking after the road bears left and the route to Urchfont turns into track.

We walk towards Urchfont, past the top of Estcott Shute. There is a brief right left dogleg here.

We then continue to where the track splits, right to Oakfrith Wood, and left down to the railway bridge.

The three graves are in front of you in the field.

Site of the three graves - plague victims from Urchfont

Going to the left the path goes into a cutting, with a cave up on the left.

"The Holy Man's Cave"

At the bottom of the slope the remains of site of the folly is pointed out on the left of the track before the railway bridge.

Site of The Folly - photo taken in January 2009

On the old map it looks as thought the driveway started at the top of the slope, then curved down the slope to a house at the bottom.

If the ponds were beside the driveway, providing enough height to supply water to the upstairs rooms, then when they flooded the water wood flow down to the house.