Market Lavington Museum

More rug making tools

In a previous blog entry, we have already seen the Victor Rug Tool in our museum collection. Rug making was very popular in the middle of the twentieth century and we believe this tool dates from around then.

However, we also have two more, simpler rug tools. This one is of a similar age and has been photographed on its record card, so you will see that we have very little information about it.

We believe it to be a punch needle. These were threaded with yarn and the needle was pushed through a loosely woven foundation fabric to make a series of loops on the upper surface.

We have a third rug tool, this one made of steel. Our records suggest that it dates from the early twentieth century but, beyond that, we have no further information.

In our small museum house, we have a rag rug in front of the range and do not necessarily require another rug. However, it would be wonderful if a local rug making resident were able to donate a small sample of punch needle yarn loops for us to display alongside our rug making needles.