Market Lavington Museum

More Workman’s Hall china

The Workman’s Hall in Market Lavington was established in the middle of the 19th century as a social venue, providing opportunities for reading, playing games and eating, without the temptation of alcohol. (See The Workman’s Hall, Market Lavington)

We imagine they must have provided a lot of meals as, at the museum, we have a large collection of china. (See Workman’s Hall china, Another mustard pot, Workman’s Hall Crockery.) Some of this is on display in our kitchen, on shelves from a home in Market Lavington.

The items on the top two shelves are from the Workman’s Hall.

The large platters and tureens suggest that food was served at tables, where many people were seated.

The china is stamped with the words Workman’s Hall, Lavington and the date 1863. We have some more huge platters in our museum store.