Market Lavington Museum

Mr Stowe on pond making

We have already introduced former Market Lavington School headmaster and his book on …

… which we have in the museum, as it features work done by craftsmen from our village. (See Mr Stowe on basket making and Mr Stowe on bitels.) Another chapter was about pond making and focuses on the Smith family from Market Lavington who were dewpond makers for several generations.

One branch of the family set up business in Basingstoke and this image of them at work is from a photo, which we have in the museum.

smiths2.jpg (600×340)

Edgar Stowe learned about pond making processes from the Smiths.

Mr Stowe explained why these hill top ponds are known, wrongly, as dewponds.

Also at Market Lavington Museum, we are very fortunate to have a tape recording (now digitised) about pond digging made by Sybil Perry, a descendant of the Smith family. We will learn more about the process from her in our next blog entry.