Market Lavington Museum

Mr Stowe Swings

We have met Edgar Julian Stowe before on this blog. He was the headmaster at Market Lavington School during the 1940s and early 1950s and also an avid enthusiast for country crafts. Indeed, he was and remains a well known author on the topic. A previous blog entry looked at his book,   ‘Crafts of the Countryside’ which was published in 1948.

Today we feature Mr Stowe with some boys from the school who are posing on swings.

Mr Stowe and boys from Market Lavington School in about 1940

Edwin Stowe is the man in the light coloured raincoat. Another teacher who looks quite a short person stands with his hand on one of the poles. The lads in the photo must have been amongst the older boys in the school. In the days of this photo – believed to be about 1940, the school took pupils up to school leaving age which was then 14.

We do not have names for the boys. If any reader can help us then please email the curator or put a message on this blog.