Market Lavington Museum

Mr Walton’s Department Store

Our image today is of a part of the Walton’s Store. Here we see White Street in Market Lavington which was at the heart of the department store but it also ran around onto High Street and also some departments were on the other side of White Street and ran around the corner onto Church Street.

A part of Mr Walton's store on White Street, Market Lavington

As an aside, we can see, beyond Walton’s the sign of the Brewery Tap which was a pub until around 1920. It was the outlet for Norman Neate who was the last commercial brewer in Market Lavington.

The Brewery Tap was run by the Neate family.

But back to the main photo which was taken in about 1910 and shows workers from the grocery and bakery department.

Peggy Gye, our museum founder, remembered the shop well from her childhood. One of our oral memory files features Peggy on shops and services. She has this to say about Waltons.

And on the corner Mr Walton had his businesses. He came in about 1898 and he had the Post Office, the Gentleman’s outfitters and the lady’s outfitters and a small toy department and over the other side of the road he had a hardware shop and a grocers shop and a bakery. But in the main department his wife would sit in a little office in the middle of the building and the change would go rushing into her office on overhead wires in a little thing – you know – They’d pull a lever and it would whizz to Mrs Walton in the middle of the shop and she’d put the change in and whizz it back and we all thought that was quite wonderful, as children.

Sadly, we have no photograph of the Walton cash railway – unless you know different!