Market Lavington Museum

Mr Walton’s sale

A century and more ago, Market Lavington was a little town, with many shops serving its residents and fold from surrounding villages. Towards the end of the nineteenth century, Mr Walton set up stores in buildings at the crossroads, on both sides of the junction with White Street. This postcard shows the drapery shop in 1904.

A close look in the windows shows that there was a summer sale on at the time the picture was taken.

For more information about the store in 1910, see Mr Walton’s Department Store.

We know he had sales of his stock from time to time. (See Mr Walton advertises.) At the museum we have a newspaper cutting from 1980, entitled

This article reprints one of Mr Walton’s sale advertisements from 1891. We will look at what he had on offer and the prices next time.