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Mrs Allsopp – a Vicar’s Wife

Harriett Baker Boileau Dawson was born in about 1846 in Jubbulpore, India.

In 1851 she appears to be in the Bath area under the care of a governess.

We have not located Harriett in records until she married Richard Winstanley Allsopp in the third quarter of 1873. The marriage ceremony took place in the Farringdon district of Berkshire/Oxfordshire.

A first child, Frederick George was born in Buscot, Berkshire in 1874 or 5.

In 1876 Richard was appointed vicar of Easterton and the family moved to a house on Easterton Sands. Easterton was a new parish and Richard was the first vicar. His house became known as The Vicarage and is still there on what we now call Vicarage Lane, although the dwelling is now called Easterton House.

The second child, Richard must have been born soon after the family arrived in Easterton.

Further children followed. Marian was born in about 1877, Margaret in 1888 and Jerome in 1890. Next came Dorothy in 1881, Robert in 1883, Francis in 1885, Agnes in 1886 and Joan in 1887.

Robert, Harriett and the youngest 8 children can be found living at The Vicarage, Easterton at the time of the 1891 census. This photo of Harriett dates from around that time.

Mrs Harriett Allsopp, wife of the first Vicar of Easterton in about 1890

By 1901 the family had moved to West Lavington. Richard was now 68 and Harriett weas 55. There were still eight children at home, the youngest  being 14. Home was now The Vicarage in West Lavington.

Richard died in 1907.

In 1911 Harriett was boarding, along with a couple of her daughters, at a house in the Marylebone area of London.

Harriett died in 1918 with the death being recorded in the Devizes district.