Market Lavington Museum

Mrs Jarley’s Waxworks

At Market Lavington Museum, we have a widely varied collection of artefacts. We receive all sorts of donations, providing they have a connection to Market Lavington or Easterton. One of our items is this little book.

Its local provenance is that it once belonged to a Mrs Cooper, who lived at The Sands in Market Lavington. Presumably she was involved in a dramatic performance, probably in the old wood clad village hall on the High Street, which opened in 1908, but can be seen pictured in Classrooms for the younger pupils – 1958. Scrawl at the top of one of the pages suggests that the play might have been rehearsed or performed about 1926.

The show would appear to have involved some acting and music and some characters needing to pose as motionless statues.

There would seem to have been a lot of roles.

Maybe the writing on this page has something to do with the casting.

We know what the characters were supposed to look like and what costumes they would have needed but, unfortunately, we do not have any photos of the performance.