Market Lavington Museum

Museum food

A couple of days ago we mentioned our forthcoming Museum Miscellany which takes place on October 8th at 7.30pm in the Market Lavington Community Hall.

One of the features of this event is museum food and during the past year we have been able to copy the pages of Bessie Francis’s recipe book. Much of the book is hand written but here we show one pasted in from an unknown source. We can’t guarantee that this delicacy will be made for the Miscellany but it gives an idea of the sort of item we’ll have there for you to sample.

Bessie Francis's recipe for barley flake biscuits

Bessie Francis’s recipe for barley flake biscuits

All our food is made and provided by volunteers. These sound pretty good although we are not sure that Banner’s still exists in the barley flake business.

See you on the 8th October!