Market Lavington Museum

My bit of Wiltshire

Back in 1984, some of the members of Market Lavington and Easterton’s Darby and Joan Club wrote essays which were entered in a writing competition. Some of these have been printed in a booklet and we have a couple of copies of this in the museum.

The content of two of these essays is of local relevance. Both of these are entitled My Bit of Wiltshire. We will start by looking at part of what Vera Shergold wrote. She began with a childhood memory of visiting the area in the north of Market Lavington and Easterton, which later became her home.

It seemed that there was no rail service on a Good Friday, so it was safe to walk along the railway line from Lavington Station. (The railway line still runs through our parish, but Lavington Station has closed and the nearest station now is in Westbury.)

We are not sure but, maybe, the idyllic woodland described by Vera was in the vicinity of West Park Farm or Fiddington Farm. (Perhaps a local reader with a long memory could pinpoint Farm Woods for us.)

Elm trees would have been common in this area when Vera was young. Sadly most succumbed to Dutch Elm Disease in the 1970s and 80s. Now we are also concerned for some of the other large native trees she mentioned, due to Ash Dieback and Sudden Oak Death.

We will look at some more of Vera Shergold’s writing next time.