Market Lavington Museum

Newly Given Commemorative Ware

Market Lavington has several items of commemorative ware – mostly cheap china with a transfer image of the village or of a crest. Here I’ll mention some new arrivals at the museum.

Irish Kettle badged Market Lavington

This little pot probably dates from the 1920s. It stands about 5cm tall. It is cheap and cheerful Arcadian Ware made by a company called Arkinstall and Sons in Stoke on Trent. Actually, A and S were taken over by Robinson and Leadbeater in 1908 but continued to use the A and S Arcadian trade names.

Maker's Mark on the Kettle

It was not unusual for this type of china to carry the name of the selling shop as well as the maker. This little cauldron was made for A Burgess and Sons who ran their photographic business on the High Street.

The shop which sold the kettle

Commemorative Ware is still made (although I know of none for Market Lavington on sale at the moment). But another recently acquired piece dates from the 1980s. Perhaps this reflects that more utilitarian time for it is a coffee mug. Our curator was offered this item having been given a mug of coffee in it at a house in Urchfont.

Market lavington Mug

If you have items linked to Market Lavington or Easterton you would like to offer to the museum then please contact the Curator.