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Now bring us some figgy pudding

The seasonal song, We wish you a merry Christmas, has a verse starting with the words, Now bring us some figgy pudding. This can be a general term for a Christmas pudding containing lots of dried fruits. Annie Earle/Gye’s late Victorian – early 20th century recipe book has many such recipes, including that shared on our blog a few days ago. However, there is also a pudding made specifically with figs, though we are not told whether to use fresh or dried fruits.

As well as half a pound of figs, the cook also needed to mix in the same quantity of breadcrumbs, finely powdered loaf sugar and suet, along with four eggs. As with other Christmas puddings, a long boiling was required – five hours in this case. The resulting dessert was served with brandy sauce.

We wish you a merry Christmas, too.