Market Lavington Museum

On the Buses – again

Trips out by coach were clearly major events in the 1920s. These were those occasions to be commemorated in photographs. Once again we have a trip out from Market Lavington and probably heading for the coast. A photograph of the passengers was taken on the outward journey, usually in Salisbury and prints were ready for purchase on the return.

This journey seems to have had a poor day for weather but at least an enclosed vehicle was provided.

It may be that a reader will be able to identify the type of chassis and the coachwork on it. We guess the bus belonged to the Lavington and Devizes Motor Services. The photo is only dated as ‘1920s’.

Coach trip from Market Lavington in the 1920s

Coach trip from Market Lavington in the 1920s

We do know quite a lot of the people shown here.


Visible on the bus we have Les Baker, Alan Baker, Rosie Ingram, Mrs Notton and Stan Ingram. Sadly names are not attached to faces We hope one of you can help us.

Standing in front of the bus the people are:


Bert Cooper, Billy Coles (driver), not known, Vi Cooper, Percy Notton, Harry Cooper, Jim Gye and John Shergold.

Next comes


Les Draper, Winnie Haines, Tom Haines, Mrs Haines, Mrs Matthews, Mrs Tom Gye.


And then there are three more ladies so once again we can’t be certain who any of the last half dozen ladies are.

However, we have a lovely photo that captures the doughty spirit of people determined to have a good day out, even on a none-too-good day.