Market Lavington Museum

Outside the Co-op

Outside Market Lavington Co-op in about 1920

This view is along the High Street. The old buildings on the corner of the Market Place can be seen behind.  The photo dates from about 1920 when Mr Matthews was the shop manager. In this photo we see him, some of the shop assistants and members of the Matthews family.

Mr and Mrs Matthews and some of their staff and family

Here we see Grace Hill, a shop assistant and then, the boss, Edwin Matthews. Mary Matthews, Edwin’s wife is next with their dog, Rover, in between them.  The little girl is a Matthews daughter, Gwendolen who also holds the hand of Mrs Bull, the shop assistant. Then we have three more Matthews daughters,  Queenie, Teddiea and Rosa.

More members of staff (including horses) and the manager’s family outside Market Lavington Co-op

Daughter, Penelope is held by stepdaughter Frances Davies. Shop assistant Gladys Moore (née Alexander) stands by the horse. Another stepdaughter, Dolly Davies holds the more distant horse.

The Matthews lived in the house next to the fire station.

The Horse and covered wagon were used for deliveries.

There must be people who could tell us more about this Matthews family.