Market Lavington Museum

Patron saints

We have seen these two trophies before. They were presented by Mrs Elisha and Mrs Baker, two of the teachers at Market Lavington School, in the days when it was in the Old School building on Church Street in Market Lavington.

We see them here, in the museum, standing on a rather shabby desk from that very school. We know that they were awarded for the winners of inter house competitions and can tell from the engravings that the houses were named after the patron saints of England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland.

The Elisha trophy, on the wooden base was awarded between 1954 and 1970. (See A Trophy from Mr and Mrs Elisha for more information.) Pupils from St David house won it in 1954 but during the rest of the 1950s it went to St George. St Andrew and St George shared the glory at the start of the 1960s, but St Patrick ran away with it from 1963 – 1970.

We presume The Baker Cup was awarded for another inter house activity as its dates, 1963 – 1970, coincide with years on the Elisha trophy, but sometimes different teams achieved success in the same years. St Patrick won the Baker cup five times, St George twice and St Andrew just the once.

Poor St David, triumphant in 1954, never won either cup between then and 1970!