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Paying for hospital treatment

In this Market Lavington Museum blog, we have featured our local Hospital Week on many occasions. It provided a carnival, games, social gatherings and all sorts of entertainment, whilst raising money to support the sick before the National Health Service came into being in 1948. Our blog post A drinks bill for the hospital week committee contains links to many entries featuring Hospital Week.

In her file of Memories of Market Lavingon, Sybil Perry recalled that, prior to 1948, “unless you were very poor, you had to pay towards your treatment”. She explained that “Various systems were available, where you paid a small weekly contribution to draw out when you were ill”.

In 1945, Sybil had £7. 11. 8d (seven pounds, eleven shillings and eight pence) in such a scheme. Her certificate shows that there was a branch of the Wiltshire Friendly Society in Market Lavington.