Market Lavington Museum

Pepper Pots

At Market Lavington museum we don’t have just any old pepper pots. Like everything else we have, our pepper pots must have a close connection with our parish, past and present. So this includes all of Easterton, Fiddington, the Russell Mill area and even the small area up on Salisbury Plain known as Gore. All these places have, either historically or now, been a part of Market Lavington.

However, the pepper pots we’ll look at today go to the heart of the village, being 100% associated with a building on High Street. This is the Workman’s’ Hall. This hall was built in 1865 as a temperance hall. Folks could use it for eating, entertainment, education and drinking non-alcoholic beverages. The hall had its own crockery, some of which we have seen before on this blog. Here are our pepper pots.

Workman's Hall pepper pots at Market Lavington Museum

Workman’s Hall pepper pots at Market Lavington Museum

These pots, as can be seen, are not in perfect shape and they look capable of delivering enough pepper to cause a mass sneeze! They carry the messages ‘Workman’s Hall’ and ‘Lavington 1865’.

They make a jaunty pair, displayed in our kitchen along with much more of the crockery from the Workman’s Hall