Market Lavington Museum

Photographer needed

At Market Lavington Museum, we are extremely grateful to all those photographers, professionals and residents, who have produced images of local people, places and objects over many decades. Their pictures form part of our collections and aid our understanding of the area in times past and present.

Photographs are used in displays within the museum and on our blog entries, shared with our digital visitors. As we move towards reopening in a few months’ time, we require some quality photographs in print and for an updated website.

Please read our job advertisement below and respond within the next few days if you feel able to apply for this work.

Photographer commission for Market Lavington Museum

Our Museum

We are a small volunteer run museum that covers the villages of Market Lavington and Easterton.  We have a Board of Trustees and approximately 30 stewards.

The past couple of years have brought the joint challenges of COVID 19 and also of completing necessary building work on the museum building. As a consequence of this the museum has not been open since October 2019 and is unlikely to reopen until May 2022.

The Trustees regard the reopening as an opportunity to engage new audiences and volunteers and to reawaken the involvement of the community. We have received some recovery funding to recruit a digital engagement consultant to support us with the first steps of engaging new online audiences ready for reopening later this year and a new website is in the process of construction. Additional to this we have a budget for the creation of some visual assets to represent the museum online and in print.

Budget: £500

The Photographer will be expected to:

Timeline: Most of the work needs to be completed by 10th March 2022

We welcome an introduction to your work and how you will approach this commission through a short  proposal with links to examples of your work and details of previous clients.

Please send this no later than 9th February 2022 to