Market Lavington Museum

Planning the new Community Hall

Our recent blog entry Inside the Parish Room features the building used for community events in Market Lavington since Opening the Parish Room in 1908. Clearly, as the century was coming to a close, this building too was feeling its age and plans were afoot to build a hall more suited to the current needs of the village.

At the museum, we have a copy of the booklet explaining the proposal to the villagers.

Local readers, who know our present Community Hall, will realise that not all the original ambitions were achieved.

Our lovely community building does indeed have a large hall, a meeting room, a kitchen, cloakrooms and storage room, but it is just built on one level and doesn’t house the surgery and library.

Nontheless, it was a costly undertaking and monies needed to be raised to fund it. In our next blogs, we will share some of the fliers advertising fundraising events put on to support the project.