Market Lavington Museum

Posted in 1851

At Market Lavington Museum, we have a collection of legal documents relating to the sales and purchases of Lavington House, the former department store at the crossroads, on the corner with White Street. In amongst the formal conveyances, we have this letter on blue notepaper.

It dates from 170 years ago and much of the writing is hard to decipher. The second page is found inside the folded sheet.

What is fascinating is that the letter was folded in such a way that no envelope was required. The rather scanty address was written on the notepaper and the letter was franked in Devizes on January 6th, 1851.The second postmark shows that it arrived in Trowbridge the following day. We imagine there was a stamp,which has been removed.

For an example of an even earlier locally posted letter, see A penny post cover.