Market Lavington Museum

Preparing the museum building

In our previous blog entry, we remembered that the building which houses Market Lavington Museum had previously been a home and then additional rooms for a school. It stood empty once the children had moved to new premises in Drove Lane and became very dilapidated. At the museum, we have various photographs of the work being done to bring it back to life.

Making a Museum shows the staircase being installed at the far end of the building. In the original layout, stairs would have gone up in the centre, near the front door. But there was much more work to be done than just a staircase, before it was fit for opening in 1985.

The old cottage brick floor was retained in the kitchen, but paving slabs were laid elsewhere downstairs.

Wooden flooring was fitted upstairs.

A partition wall was needed upstairs to separate a display room from a storeroom.

For some reason, we ended up with a stud wall midway across a loft access hatch, but this has recently been rectified in our 2022 building work.

Gradually, the building began to take shape and, eventually, was ready to receive items for display. We will look at pictures of that stage next time.