Market Lavington Museum

Preserving for Posterity

In the run up to the Jubilee weekend we have seen a number of photos of buildings decorated for previous royal events. So let’s have a look at how people decorated their homes and shops for the 2012 Diamond Jubilee.

At the fete on Saturday there was a chance for people to vote for what they thought was the best dressed shop and the best house decoration.

The winner of the shop display was Gemini Hair Stylists who had a life-size queen and corgis (and a reflective window).

Gemini Hair Stylists of Market Lavington – best dressed shop for the 2012 Jubilee

They just look so realistic. Actually, on Friday, this queen went walkabout. She made a celebrity appearance at the nursing home.

Many people voted for The Post Office.

Market Lavington Post Office received many votes in the poll

On the domestic front, the winner was a former High Street shop. It has two big windows.

The best house decoration went to number 27 High Street

This house has two large windows

Another popular house was the appropriately named Jubilee Cottage.

Jubilee Cottage in Market Lavington was built in 1887 – Queen Victoria’s Golden Jubilee Year. It looked splendid for Queen Elizaberh’s Diamond Jubilee in 2012.

It is good to know that photos like these can be kept for future generations to enjoy.