Market Lavington Museum

Preserving our Building

At Market Lavington Museum, we are very fond of our building. Indeed, we see it as our number one exhibit. Despite extensive renovations, it remains, externally, a delightful early Victorian cottage. We do not own the building, which remains a part of the old manorial estate in the village. We rent it from the Earl of Radnor but we have responsibility for the upkeep of the fabric.

It is our Silver Jubilee year, and after 25 years, despite regular painting, some of the window frames were looking less than perfect.

Market lavington Museum window frame - in need of attention

We have employed a local painter and decorator Romanas Suchodumcevas to refurbish the windows for us. These photos were taken during the renovation work and before its completion.

Applying paint to the inside of a window frame at Market Lavington Museum

Finishing off a reconstructed frame before painting - Market Lavington Museum

Already, with the job only part done, the outside of the museum is looking brighter and more welcoming.

No top-coat yet, but a brighter, whiter welcome awaits visitors to Market Lavington Museum