Market Lavington Museum

Push Penny

We recently featured what we thought was a shove ha’penny board on these pages. The board had come from the former Kings Arms pub where conversion to dwelling houses seems to near completion.

We received a comment from a reader who runs a pub games blog (click here) . The comment reads:

The width of this board is unusual, but the depth of the beds may correspond with the less common game of Push Penny, still played in Stamford, Lincs, and  the Hastings area. I have a Push Penny board, and the depth of the beds is around 1 and 7/8ths of an inch, designed for play with an old penny rather than a smaller half penny.

Let’s take another look at our board.

It seems the Kings Arms, Market Lavington had a push penny board

We have measured the board now. It is about 75 cm top to bottom and about 29 cm across. The beds are around 4.6 cm (they are a little variable in size) which is just a bit smaller than the 1 and 7/8th inches the comment suggested. It would seem that the old Kings Arms had a push penny board.

The rules of the game are, essentially those of shove ha’penny. Large, old, Victorian pennies are used.

We’d love to hear from anybody who remembers using this board.