Market Lavington Museum

Queen Victoria Remembered

By the time of her death, Queen Victoria, who had been renowned for not being amused, had become a popular British icon. The little old lady, the first monarch of this country to reach a landmark 60 years on the throne, had the support of the people and, we are told, the grief was genuine when she died in 1901. No doubt, then, folks had a need to wipe away the tears. A souvenir handkerchief must have seemed appropriate.

We have such a handkerchief at Market Lavington Museum.

Queen Victoria Commemorative Handkerchief at Market Lavington Museum

Our handkerchief has never been used for tears or for other purposes. It was mounted and framed to make a cheap portrait of this highly respected Queen who came to the throne 1n 1837 as a young lass of 18.

This handkerchief was given to the museum by a lady who lived on White Street. It would have been her grandparents who purchased it back in 1901.