Market Lavington Museum

Quiz part 2

Name the following people from the information given. All are closely connected with Market Lavington.

This second part of the Market Lavington fete quiz should be very easy for readers of this blog. All of the answers can be found by simply searching the site.

11) A man who made bricks but was sadly killed by one of his own traction engines _______________________

12) The surname of three generations of basket makers in Market Lavington first in The High Street and later in The Clays __________________

13) A Market Lavington born man who became Lord Mayor of London __________________

14) A famous Victorian grower of fuchsias and potatoes ________________

15) An agricultural engineer famed for his roller, invented in about 1840 in Market Lavington and still widely used on farms. _______________________

16) A Market Lavington born man who became Bishop of St Asaph in Wales __________________

17) A very reclusive naturalist who was amongst the first to realise that some birds migrate to warmer climes for the winter ________________________

18 Market Lavington’s last real shoemaker/cobbler who was also amongst the last to collect his water from Broadwell with yoke and buckets_________________

19) An enormously fat man who ran the Lavington and Devizes Motor Bus company ____________________

20 A composer who produced his own ‘Hallelujah Chorus’ in about 1750 __________________