Market Lavington Museum

Raising money for the war effort in 1941

In 1941, regulars at The Green Dragon decided they must do something for the war effort. Market Lavington may have been largely untouched by the ravages of the Battle of Britain, but we had reached a time of mass, if very controlled media. Nobody would have had much doubt that keeping the enemy at bay had cost many lives as well as many aircraft. Sadly, of course, lives couldn’t be recreated, but at least you could find a way of persuading people to part with their money to help with building replacement aircraft.  The patrons at ‘The Dragon’ decided to create a picture of a spitfire, using donated coins. When the picture was completed, a local photographer took a snap, which was used as a postcard. Of course, we have one of the cards at Market Lavington Museum.

So here we have the Green Dragon spitfire, made of donated coins.

Coin Spitfire - raising money at The Green Dragon, Market Lavington in 1941

For the record, we think there’s about £8 in that collection. £8 in 1941 is worth something like £300 today. It has been estimated that each spitfire cost about £5000 to make in the 1940s, so it would have needed about 600 Green Dragon efforts to get one aeroplane.