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Remembering the Cemetery Chapel

In 2010 the chapel at the Drove Lane Cemetery was deemed to be in an unsafe state and was demolished. We did feature the chapel at the time on this blog and you can click here to see that.

For those that don’t bother to click, here’s what the chapel looked like back in 2008.

Drove Lane Cemetery Chapel in 2008

Drove Lane Cemetery Chapel in 2008

A plan, at the time of demolition was to sell the building for re-erection so it was demolished with care and offered for sale. We don’t think it attracted a buyer but it was photographed during demolition and that’s what we are looking at today.


An interior shot. It was not in good order!


Demolition is underway.


A window still in place and window quoins laid out and numbered.


The chapel has gone and no trace of it remains at the cemetery. But it is not forgotten.