Market Lavington Museum

Right Royal Jam

On 30th April 1985, Princess Anne came to the Easterton Jam Factory – Samuel Moore Foods – to open an extension. No doubt, at the time rural industry was seen as well worth supporting and what was always known locally, simply as ‘the jam factory’ was one of the larger employers in the area.

Maybe somebody could provide Market Lavington Museum with a photo of Princess Anne in Easterton on that occasion. It would certainly complement a recent gift received by the museum.

Gift set of preserves produced by Samuel Moore Fooods of Easterton in 1985 and now at Market Lavington Museum

This is a gift set of Samuel Moore jams, jelly, mincemeat and marmalades, together with a Paddington Bear marmalade pot and spoon. This presentation pack was put together to mark the occasion of the visit of princess Anne to the Samuel Moore factory in Easterton.

Marmalade jar in the gift set which tells us that the product was made to mark the visit of Princess Anne to the Easterton factory in 1985

Special labels were produced for this unique event. The high quality preserves carried the Easterton Village trade name, which the firm used for its luxury products.

Life is never dull at a museum. We certainly could not have guessed that in our Silver Jubilee year, we’d have received a gift of jam that was also celebrating its 25th year. How very appropriate.