Market Lavington Museum

School accounts – 1887

Among the fascinating paper relics saved for years and donated to the museum, we have a printed copy of the school accounts for the year ending February 28th, 1887.

Although, over the years, there were private schools in the village, these accounts relate to the National School, in what we now refer to as the Old School building. (For information on some of the private schools see Roseleigh School, Nincompooks and jellyfish, The Miss Chinnocks’ School, The Miss Chinnocks’ School and the Huntley Girls and The Hooper Family and Miss Chinnock’s School.)

In this blog, we will look at how the needs of the National School were funded. The left hand column of the accounts shows the income. Maybe surprisingly to modern readers, the school relied on a large number of subscriptions and donations.

Some of these donors have appeared in our blogs before. Try typing their names into the search box on the right of the latest blog entry to find out more about these people.

So £72. 2s. 6d came from donations. There was also £5. 1s. 10d interest from bequests that could be added to the public support for the school. We do not know about the school pence, but wonder if this was maybe a school fund contribution brought in, perhaps weekly, by each child. If so, that £38. 10s. 3d was also raised locally, as was the £29. 4s. 3d from the concert proceeds.

So a total of £148. 18s. 10d had been raised for the school through local support.

The government grants for the boys, girls and infants came to £103. 0s. 4d with an extra £4. 2s. 3d grant from the Science and Art Department, making a total of £107. 2s. 7d received as government grants. We can see that, in the financial year ending February 1887, the local community paid more to running costs of the school than the government did.

The final point of interest to us at the museum is that a Mr Kyte was renting the school house, which is now our museum building. He does not appear on the list of staff pay, so we assume that he was a private individual, whose £5 rent added to the school income.

Next time, we will look at the expenditure in the right hand column and see how the school spent its £261. 11s. 0d annual income.