Market Lavington Museum

Scrapbook, Tudor cottage and dipping well

At Market Lavington Museum, we are so fortunate to have a large collection of scrapbooks containing newspaper cuttings about our village and neighbouring Easterton. Unfortunately, we don’t know of anyone continuing this tradition at present. Many of those given to the museum date from the late 1950s and into the 1970s.

We have already published The Tudor Cottage on Northbrook and The Tudor Cottage by the Northbrook and regretted the loss of this lovely old building. On this page of a 1979 scrapbook, amongst the items about weddings, carnival queens and a talk on glass engraving, there are several house advertisements. At the top, we see that the Tudor cottage was up for sale by auction in 1979.

Just by this half timbered building, was the dipping well, an important source of water for the northern part of Market Lavington before the village was connected to a mains water supply in the 1930s. A small newspaper cutting found in one of our 1957 scrapbooks says that the Northbrook dipping well could be closed.

This water supply point is still visible, but under a closed wrought iron grid, installed in 1986.