Market Lavington Museum


Yes, literally scrubbers! That is to say people scrubbing the floor and here they are.

Volunteers scrub the floor at Easterton Village Hall

Volunteers scrub the floor at Easterton Village Hall

The location is the Easterton Village Hall and we assume this was in the 1950s. I’m afraid we are not all that good on people but we reckon Tom Jefferies is on the left in the front row and Gladys Windo is fifth from left in the back row. We rather hope and expect that other names will now be forthcoming.

We note, with interest, that it was clearly the right thing for men doing this work to have the standard collared shirt and tie and a waistcoat. Some had covered up a bit with overalls.

What a lovely picture of the way things were done in the past.


It doesn’t take long to get a list of names. Thanks Jim

Back row L-R,  Alec Chapman, John Dodge, Peggy Chapman, Gladys Moore, Gladys Windo, Mrs Snook, Mrs Sheppard extreme right back row, wife of baker Jim Sheppard.

Front row L-R, Tom Jefferies, Brenda Holmes, Lizzie Smith, Mrs Hale, Mrs Luker, Fred Burgess, Wilf Moore.
Peggy is Alec Chapman’s daughter. Gladys is Wilf Moore’s wife. Brenda Holmes is Lizzie Smith’s niece.