Market Lavington Museum

Setting up the museum for 1985 opening

Our previous blog entry showed the extensive building work required to prepare the old schoolmaster’s house for its new role as a museum.

Museum founder, Peggy Gye, had collected a huge range of objects related to the history of Market Lavington and now these were museum artefacts and she had obviously taken advice from the county museum service on how to care for them. We have a set of photographs of items being carried from outside the Old School on Church Street and up the steps, through the courtyard and into the new museum, where they were unpacked or left in numbered acid free cardboard boxes for storing.

Peggy watches as plastazote foam is cut, possibly to line the glass topped cabinets with a material acceptable to museum conservationists. Visitors in 2022 will still find those cabinets in the entrance room, though now with display drawers beneath. However, necessary reorganisation has meant that the wall cabinets have moved upstairs into a new display room, where the store room once was.

Nearly forty years on, we still recognise the items in the brick floored kitchen. The deal table, the copper jug and the metal hat box are still in our collection.

Next time, we will look at some of the displays Peggy set up in those early years of the museum.