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Sidney and Nellie Saxton

We do not know much about this couple. They are buried in St Mary’s churchyard and we have a photo of the grave.

Grave of Sidney and Nellie Saxton

Grave of Sidney and Nellie Saxton

This shows that even comparatively modern headstones can suffer from the ravages of time. This has quite a few letters missing but says:

In loving memory of a devoted husband Sidney George Saxton who died 3rd May 1961 aged 71. Also Nellie Saxton who died 5th May 1992 aged 93 and their son Donald? Ronald who died 16th Oct 1969 aged 44.

Sidney was born in the Thornbury area of Gloucestershire and he married Nellie Edwards in the Bristol area during 1912. We suspect they were in Market Lavington soon after for a son, John, was born in the Devizes area in 1916.

Our paper records start with a 1926 electoral roll which shows Sidney and Nellie living in the Market Place. In the list for 1939 Sidney and Nellie, along with Cecil Saxton are still in the Market Place. John lives at Chestnut Cottage in Market Lavington. Donald would not have been eligible to vote. Nellie was still a Market Place resident in 1964. This time she gets a full address of 3 Ivydene.

We’d like to know more about this family. Maybe we can learn from our readers.