Market Lavington Museum

Sitting on the balustrade

We have just acquired another item for Market Lavington Museum’s collection. It is a charming photograph of a man with a little girl. As yet, we know nothing about these people and would be delighted if any of our readers recognise them and contact us with details.

We do not know if they lived in Market Lavington, but assume they came from here or a nearby village as the photographers were the Burgess brothers of Market Lavington. The picture has been printed onto one of their postcards.

So it is definitely a picture of local interest. Alf Burgess – Photographer set up this business at 13 High Street and, after his death in 1918, it was run by two of his sons, trading as Burgess Bros. They continued until after the second world war. The clothing (suit with a waistcoat), the moustache and the girl’s hair with a ribbon bow may suggest a date between the 1930s and early 1950s but we have not yet been able to narrow that down.

It is particularly pleasing to see what the pair are sitting on. This is clearly recognisable as the Photographer’s Balustrade from the Burgess’s studio. We have it in our museum. In the photograph below, we see Mary, the doll, perched there. (The displays on the balustrade and notice board change every year. It may well feature in a jubilee display this year – 2022.)