Market Lavington Museum

Snow at St Mary’s

Photographers who entered the ‘Seasons’ category at Market Lavington show at the start of the month commented on how difficult it was to portray four seasons that looked different this year.

Perhaps they’d not have had the problem in 1897 when this photo was taken.

Snow at St Mary's Church in 1897

Snow at St Mary’s Church in 1897

Snow clearly fell that year – and settled or pitched as people say around here.

We can see part of St Mary’s Church and a corner of the village school on the right. That could be a chap trying to clear the path up to the church.

Snow clearance on the path up to the church?

Snow clearance on the path up to the church?

Now that path is treacherous at any time. If slippery with compressed snow it would be awful.

Straight ahead we are looking at Grove Farm. That’s the path that leads to the Community Hall now.

On the left, the little single storey building is the bier house and behind it a row of cottages stand along the edge of Church Street.

The view is difficult to recreate during summer. The trees are in full leaf and hide items.

Bier House and church remain

Bier House and church remain

What we can see is that the church and bier house stand, more or less unchanged. That line of cottages behind the bier house has gone to reveal Church Cottage.

Let’s hope we get no snow until the winter and maybe some of us could look forward to a bright sunny day with snow on the ground – in January.