Market Lavington Museum

(Some of) The Smith Family of Market Lavington

Many of our museum visitors are interested in the history of their own family. Genealogy remains  a very popular pastime. Today we are looking at a family tree which includes poor little Minnie Smith who has featured on this blog recently.

Smiths of Market Lavington Family Tree. Click to enlarge.

This tree was given to us by Sybil Perry who was educated at our village school and returned, later as a teacher. Sybil was born as Sybil Baker. Sybil’s mother was Mary Smith who is on this tree. She married Bert Baker in 1914.

Sybil has highlighted the pond makers in the family by using green ink and putting boxes round the name. We can see that Lionel, born 1904, was the last of the line of five known generations.