Market Lavington Museum

St George’s Day at the Drummer Boy

The Drummer Boy in Market Lavington is one of the many public houses that has now closed.

It has featured in this blog on several previous occasions. ( See The Drummer Boy Pub, Drummer Boy memories, A memory of the Drummer Boy and The Drummer Boy Pub Sign.)

However, it was certainly open for business in 2006, when it put on a St George’s Day event. We have the programme for this in Market Lavington Museum.

Monies raised from the event were to support the Wiltshire air ambulance though, no doubt, there was the hope that it would bring in lots of customers and raise drinks sales too.

The events were not just on St George’s Day, but spanned three days and were not solely confined to the pub premises.

There were various entertainment acts in the evenings. The duck race was at Broadwell, presumably starting near White Street and heading downstream towards the pub. We assume the football, basketball and golf competitions would have taken place away from the pub, although many of the other events, eating and drinking would have been on site.