Market Lavington Museum

Stolen baskets

Our previous blog, Drying the bricks, showed a picture of Market Lavington brickworks during Holloway Bros ownership (1894-1920). A closer look at the barely legible nameboard reminds us that the business actually made bricks, tiles and pottery. As evidence of some of their non building brick output, at Market Lavington Museum we have a brick rabbit (see Who made the brick rabbit?), some seedpans and A lily pot.

Another interesting comment on Tom George‘s oral history recording informed us about two very ornate pottery baskets made by one of the workers at the brickworks. We have managed to track down some photographs of these in our museum collection. They were clearly in existence in the times of horse transport as one of them features in this rather blurred picture. We can tell this is the house at the brickworks from the balustrade, a copy of the one made for the Market Lavington Manor. (See The brickworks balustrade, The trouble causing balustrade and The Disputed Balustrade.)

We can see both baskets clearly in this photograph of the house.

Tom George said that these flower baskets were stolen after the brickworks closed. We wonder if they are still in existence somewhere.