Market Lavington Museum

Stories for Little Curly Locks

Every item in Market Lavington Museum has a real link with the parish – including Easterton, Fiddington and Gore. Some items are very specific and others have more general interest. Today we are looking at a book published in the second half of the nineteenth century.

Stories for Little Curly Locks - a book at Market Lavington Museum

The book is called ‘Stories for Little Curly Locks’ and in those long ago days when this book was published, it was deemed absolutely fine to gear books towards one gender. So this book is aimed at girls and forms part of ‘Our Girl’s Little Library’.

A page from the book

Information at the museum gives a publication date of about 1860. These days, with the availability of much more  information, we put the date at more like 1880.

An on-line bookshop (Open Door Books) who have a copy for sale describe the book as:

Pretty blue/brown covers with colorful paste-on of well dressed in bonnet girl feeding birds.  1880. List of publishers ads front (Griffith, Farran & Co.) Many steel plate engravings, some full page. 70 pgs. 3 pgs ads rear. Very Rare.

Our copy, of course, is not for sale for it is conserved as a part of the history of our parish.