Market Lavington Museum

Street names

Looking through our scrapbooks of local newspaper cuttings, we see that 1957 was a year for residents’ disgruntlement with the names of the roads where they lived.

Our blog, How to build a mud wall, shows pictures of this attractive little street in the centre of Market Lavington. It was formerly called The Muddle as a corruption of the mud wall, which used to stand in the area but had later been renamed New Street. The parish council wanted to reinstate the old name, with its historical connections. However, the people who lived there objected to the name, feeling it sounded derogatory.

The parish council backed down in 1957, but in more recent years, the street sign gives the option of both names.

Also in 1957, residents on the northern edge of Market Lavington, were objecting the the name of their road. Named Cemetery Lane, it was, indeed, the last resting place of many members of the Congregational Church and later, Easterton folk. However, the living residents did not appreciate the morbid sounding name and this was also discussed by the parish council.

In this instance, the previous name, Drove Lane was going to be adopted and the road is still called that now.