Market Lavington Museum

Summer fun for an evacuee

We have already seen how evacuee, Maurice Came, spent his boyhood leisure time during the winter and spring. (See Winter and spring fun.) Now we will look at his summertime pleasures, as recorded in the notes of his talk to Lavington School pupils.

In the warmer weather, he found opportunities for swimming. He mentioned using the swimming pool at Dauntsey Manor House (by then part of Dauntsey’s School). He also spoke of swimming in the mill stream. The brickyard along the Broadway in Market Lavington was still in operation. The claypits had filled with water and Maurice swam there.

This photo of Tom George boating at the clay pits dates from 1931, eight years before Maurice arrived in Market Lavington. This water is near the railway line and Maurice collected the names of the engines as the trains passed by.

Children also played in the trucks on the rail tracks at the brickyard. This photo dates from 1948. Maurice can remember that the boys pushed the trucks into the water!

We will look at his late summer and autumn pastimes on another occasion.