Market Lavington Museum

Summer time

At Market Lavington Museum, our pages from a September 1924 copy of the Devizes and Wiltshire Advertiser newspaper reminded readers that Summer Time would end on 21st September.

We are used to ‘changing the clocks’ in Spring and Autumn, but it had only been happening for eight years by 1924 and a little guidance was felt necessary to remind people what to do and how to protect their clock mechanisms.

William Willett had come up with the idea when he wrote “The Waste of Daylight” in 1908 and the British government decided to bring in the Summer Time Act in May 1916. William Willett had died the previous year, so didn’t live to see his idea implemented.

During the second world war, Britain introduced Double Summer Time, with winter time an hour ahead of Greenwich mean time and summer time two hours ahead (as in continental Europe nowadays) but things reverted to what we consider ‘normal’ in 1947.