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Swan Lake

This is an Easterton photo. We are fairly certain of this because of its origin which was the late Tom Jefferies. But that is all we know about it so once more we seek help. It looks to be a carnival or fancy dress entry and is definitely of a young ballerina and Swan Lake.

Swan Lake - an entry in an Easterton Carnival?

Swan Lake – an entry in an Easterton Carnival?

We don’t know who the young ballerina is, where it was taken or when it was taken. However, the wheels under the lake look like a 1960s small pram or pushchair so this dates from a time after that, we think.

Somebody, surely, will recognise and remember the scene and can put us out of our misery by giving us all the information. Do get in touch.

Stop press

It seems our young ballerina is Lyn Stockley. Thanks to John, Jim and Brenda for this.