Market Lavington Museum

The 1939 Electoral Register

This electoral roll was another gift to the museum during the Christmas period. It helps fill a gap in our lists of village names. Following on from the  1911 census, we have a 1926 electoral roll for Market Lavington and also a 1964 roll for the same parish. The new addition, for 1939, covers Market Lavington and Easterton, and also all of the other parishes which formed a part of the old Devizes Rural District Council, an organisation that was replaced by other local authorities back in 1973.

The registers list all of the adults – aged over 21 – in each parish who were eligible to vote. It was the register in force from 15th October 1939 until 14th October 1940.

Each of the parish sections begins with general information.

Part of the information about the content of the registers.

After this comes the list of voters in alphabetical order. This looks like this (a small part of the Easterton parish is shown).

Small section of Easterton residents taken from the 1939 electoral register now at Market Lavington Museum

A section for Market Lavington looks just the same – except for the names and addresses.

Some Market Lavington residents on the 1939 electoral register

The first names on this Market lavington group – Alfred and Louisa Burbidge  – were living at School House, which is the building now occupied by Market Lavington Museum.

Lists of names may seem a bit dull, but they are a fantastic resource for genealogists who can learn just where their relatives lived. We are delighted to have these electoral registers at Market Lavington Museum and we think this was a grand Christmas present to the museum.