Market Lavington Museum

The black cat diary again

In our blog post, Tuppence for the Band, we have already seen this delightful tiny diary.

It dates from 1935 and was sold for 2d (less than 1p) to raise funds for Market Lavington’s Prize Silver Band. As well as providing dates for the year, and a small space to write in for each date, it holds a fund of interesting information, some of which we have seen before.

We also learn that the taxation per head in 1933 had been £16.8s.0d, which is compared with considerably lower charges in various other European countries.

The back page features two rhymes, one on the rule of the road at sea and this one for land travellers.

The Rule of the Road is a paradox quite.

For in driving your carriage along,

If you bear to the left you are sure to go right,

If you bear to the right you go wrong.

But walking the streets ’tis a different case,

To the right it is right you should steer,

On the left should be left enough clear space

For the people who wish to walk there.