Market Lavington Museum

The Browns buy Lavington House – 1887

At the time of writing, in 2022, the shop on the corner of the High Street and White Street in Market Lavington is occupied by hairdressers. For many years, this building together with the one round the corner on White Street had housed a department store, supplying a wide range of goods to the people of the little town of Market Lavington. At times, the business had various premises, with Lavington House selling clothing and footwear.

We have featured this retail empire before in Market Lavington’s Department Store. It was often referred to as Mr Walton’s Department Store because it was run by Arthur Walton for many years. However, we know that it had had previous owners, the Brown Bros of Lavington House.

At Market Lavington Museum, we have a legal document, written on vellum. It is the conveyance of Lavington House to Messrs H F and F.J Brown.

They bought it from Mr Charles Burns in 1887 for £760.

Some legal documents are very unspecific about exactly where the property in question is located, but this one gives great detail.

The dwelling house and shop had a frontage of about 61 feet along White Street, neighboured by the property of James Neate on the White Street side and by the representatives of the late John Burgess on the High Street side. (See JAMES NEATE (1829 -1920) for more information about this brewer.)

The purchase also included a stable yard and garden behind the shop.

By 1891, Arthur Walton was at Lavington House. We wonder why the Brown brothers were only there for such a few years.